About medway

Medway is an Authorised Financial Service Provider (Licence No. 15624).

Since it’s establishment in 1990, Medway has focused on tailored advice to the individual. Being the first company in South Africa to offer this freedom of choice to State Employees (who previously had no flexibility regarding Healthcare options), has enabled us to build solid relationships with more than 100 000 families.

With nearly 20 years of experience, we believe we are in the perfect position to offer unsurpassed cover and service in our field of expertise.

Having been the driving force behind the Fedhealth Medical Scheme has also provided us with the insight required to tailor-make the most comprehensive range of medical top-up insurance products available today. All Medway insurance products are unique to Medway and are distributed by a highly professional network of expert Medway Advisors.

Our products continue to set the trend in the healthcare insurance industry. If you are interested in providing your family with the very best and most comprehensive medical cover on the market - Medway is the leader.

Medway - expect much more!


Some of our innovations that set the trend in our industry are listed below. As Medway we:


  • Started a unique healthcare benefit package in 1990, leading the market in this field for some years;
  • Were the first company to introduce Medical Scheme options to government employees on a "freedom of choice" basis (1994);
  • Were the driving force behind the establishment of Fedhealth - one of the largest Medical Schemes in South Africa;
  • Were the first company to introduce post-retirement pre-funding options for Medical Scheme members in the Government Sector;
  • Were the first company to introduce comprehensive medical insurance to Government Employees, covering gaps in chosen Medical Schemes;
  • Are the largest financial advisory company in the healthcare arena for Government Employees.

Medway Heritage Plus is the first and currently only fully comprehensive hospital insurance top-up plan designed specifically for Government Employees, in South Africa. This product is unique in that it covers multiple gaps and shortfalls inherent to Medical Schemes, including Tariff Gaps, Surgical Appliance Gaps, Co-Payments and Daily Cash Benefits.

Our expertise has allowed us to expand our horizons into the private sector:

  • MedCare offers Medical Scheme Top-Up cover – Gap, Sub-Limit and Co-Payment cover. This unique structure gives complete peace of mind to our customers;
  • DomestiCover offers a comprehensive package of benefits tailored for the household employee. This is an industry first;
  • BiologiCare offers extended cover to your Medical Scheme – ensuring access to expensive but highly effective biological cancer-fighting drugs;
  • Cash X-tenda leverages on the Amazing Vouchers infrastructure – our very own loyalty program for all our clients, giving access to thousands of discounts and special offers across the entire consumer range.

Our Approach

Medway is a company that has built enviable relationships with customers and staff alike. We do not believe in doing business on a basis where relationships of mutual respect and trust are not formed and nurtured. With this philosophy in mind, we have a hand-selected team of Medway Advisors working directly with you, our customer, backed up by totally focused and dedicated staff in offices throughout the country.

Medway actively subscribes to a Treat Customers Fairly culture. We ensure that all staff are well-versed on delighting our clients at every opportunity and we also encourage our clients to voice their sentiments about their experience when interacting with Medway.

From Medway you can expect much more...

  • Much more Professional Advice
  • Much more Personalised Service
  • Much more Peace of Mind

We are totally committed and dedicated to Comprehensive Healthcare Insurance.

Our Policies

Our "Business Continuity Plan" is available on request. All our other FAIS Compliance policies are available below.

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