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Now you can have access to affordable private health and accident cover at just R250 per month if you are an individual, or for your employees at just R200 per month.

The cost of comprehensive private healthcare remains out of reach for many. As a company renowned for its innovative solutions, Medway is proud to introduce Health & Accident - a package of relevant benefits that provide key private healthcare cover in the event of accident, death or disability.


  • In the absence of private health insurance, most individuals and their families are forced to visit state facilities. Whilst elective (routine) procedures are relatively well managed at state hospitals, the same cannot be said for trauma facilities and non-elective in-hospital treatment. Our Accidental Injury and Casualty Cover provides access to private facilities in the event of accident or trauma to you and your immediate family.
  • Funeral Insurance should be a high priority. In many instances it is difficult to cover the entire funeral cost as these can be surprisingly high. In many instances it is the employer who funds employee funerals. Our product guarantees a payment of R15 000, within 48 hours of claim submission, provided that all necessary documents have been received. R15 000 is usually sufficient to cover all of the necessary and incidental costs of a traditional funeral.
  • The Income Protection Benefit will pay out R1 000 a week to you to cover your basic weekly needs and is payable for a maximum period of 52 weeks.


Cover is provided for incidents anywhere, not just at home. Cover extends to your entire family.

BenefitSum AssuredBenefit Specifications
FuneralR15 000 for adults and R6 000 for childrenFree car hire and Free repatriation of remains
Accidents Requiring HospitalisationR50 000Covers all associated in-hospital costs and Includes ER24 response and evacuation
Accidents Requiring Casualty Ward TreatmentR10 000Covers all casualty ward costs in addition to any possible in-hospital treatment required
Income ProtectorR1 000 per weekCovers absenteeism from work as a result of an accident
DisabilityR50 000R50 000 payout for Permanent Total Disability (Minimum payout of R25 000 according to the benefit schedule) or R50 000 payout for Accidental Death
Premium: R250/month


Funeral Cover

  • The Funeral and Bereavement Benefit provides a cash payout of R15 000 to cover funeral expenses for the principal insured and for his or her spouse as well as R6 000 for all natural or adopted children up to the age of 21.
  • Free car hire for four days (including a free tank of petrol) is provided in the event of the death of the principal insured or the spouse.
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains covers the transportation of mortal remains to the designated burial hometown (within South Africa) to the value of R5 000.

    Waiting periods apply in the following instances:
    - No waiting period in the event of an accidental death
    - 6 months in respect of death by natural causes and pre-existing conditions
    - 12 months in respect of pre-existing conditions
    - 12 months in respect of death as a result of suicide

Accidental Injury Cover

  • Pays a daily stated benefit in the event of hospital admission due to accidental injury - to a maximum of R50 000 per Insured Person per annum.
  • The benefit also includes ER24 emergency evacuation.

Casualty Cover

  • The Casualty Ward Benefit provides a R10 000 per annum family benefit to cover casualty ward expenses incurred as a result of an accident.
  • Costs are paid irrespective of the facility used (State or Private).

Income Protector Cover

  • The Income Protector Benefit provides a cash payout of R1 000 per week to you in the event that you are not able to (go to) work as a result of an accident.

    A waiting period of 1 week will be applied

Accidental Death & Disability Cover

  • The Disability Benefit will pay out a maximum of R50 000 in the event of permanent total disability.
  • The benefit is payable according to a Benefit schedule, with a minimum payout of R25 000 for a scheduled disability.
  • R50 000 will be paid out in the event of Accidental Death.