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When your medical aid pays at scheme rate, Medway's Maximiser covers the gaps and more

Even the most expensive medical aid schemes have significant gaps in the cover that they offer. Medway's Maximiser fills those gaps so you’re not left to pick up the pieces.

Our gap and supplementary health insurance product, Maximiser, delivers an affordable solution designed to cover specific gaps and maximise your overall health and domestic insurance spend.


With our in-depth knowledge of medical aid packages and schemes, we have identified key areas where members are likely to be at risk of insufficient cover:


Medway's GapPremium is a top of the range gap product which accommodates financial shortfalls between the amount charged and the cost base that the Medical Scheme will cover, including co-payments and benefit limits.


BiologiCare pays out R100 000 on diagnosis of cancer and up to R900 000 where biological treatment is appropriate, and where your Medical Scheme cover is insufficient and/or limited, for the treatment duration of up to five years.


R10 000 reimbursement of casualty ward expenses in the event of an accident per family per annum.
Provides medical treatment for children younger than five (5) years of age when after hours medical treatment is required, due to illness, at a registered medical facility, either paid to you or from your medical savings for the following:
- Doctors and specialist consultations
- Pathology
- Radiology
- Medication
- Consumables

Excludes cover for expenses incurred in-hospital.

Add the following innovative products for additional benefits:

DomestiCover R250 per month

Comprehensive health and funeral insurance cover for your domestic worker, including death, disability, accidental injury cover and income protection.


The following pages summarise each product offering as outlined in this brochure. For full details, please refer to the policy document wordings.



  • Gap500 – complements your medical aid by enhancing the cover for specialist charges relating to in-hospital procedures to as much as 500%;
    - also covers out-patient costs for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and kidney dialysis;
    - also covers certain medical procedures performed in doctors rooms.
    - Consumables cover - reimburses you for up to R3 000 for in-hospital disposable items such as bandages, gauze, sponges and gloves, where the charge exceeds the scheme tariff rate.
    - For the first three years following inception of a contract, there is a limit of R30 000 (per person) in respect of the combined shortfall claims for and knee replacements or procedures from the sub-limit and gap benefit
  • Self-payment cover – reimbursement in instances where your Medical Scheme has imposed a levy or deductible on specific procedures, including MRI and CT scans.
    - Pre-existing conditions excluded for 12 months
    - Also includes a benefit of R12 000 per family per annum for when you elect to make use of a non-network hospital and are subject to a co-payment
  • Sub-limit cover – extended cover for in-hospital sub-limits up to a maximum of R30 000 above the sub-limits imposed by your Medical Scheme on certain procedures.
    - Sub-limit benefit will be subject to R45 000 per person per annum for any prosthesis.
  • Accidental Injury – reimbursement of up to R10 000 for in-hospital or casualty ward expenses incurred as a result of accidental injury. This benefit also includes a R10 000 payout for accidental death.


  • An upfront cash benefit of R100 000 payable on diagnosis of cancer and paid once per lifetime per family member.
  • A top up benefit of up to R900 000 payable over a maximum period of 5 years, payable for each new unrelated diagnosis per family member that may require biological drugs, where your Medical Scheme cover is insufficient.



Designed to provide financial peace of mind and security for your domestic worker, an integral member of your household.
This substantial benefit offering, at a very affordable premium, reduces the burden of responsibility on you, the employer, in the event of either accident or illness.

  • A Funeral benefit of R15 000 per principal insured and spouse, R6 000 per eligible child up to the age of 21 and:
    - An additional R5 000 in the event of the accidental death of either the principal insured or the spouse;
    - 4 days free car hire in the event of the death of either the principal or the spouse;
    - Repatriation of Mortal Remains benefit up to a value of R5 000;
    - No waiting period in the event of accidental death. However, a waiting period of 6 months for death by natural causes, pre-existing condition and 12 months in respect of death by suicide.
  • An Accidental Injury In-Hospital benefit:
    - Provides cover of up to R50 000 per family per annum for in-hospital costs incurred as a result of an accident and;
    - ER24 on-site stabilisation and emergency evacuation by either road or air.
  • An Accidental Injury Casualty Ward benefit:
    - Provides up to R10 000 as a family benefit per annum to cover casualty ward expenses incurred as a result of an accident.
  • An Income Protector benefit:
    - Provides a Lump-sum payout of R1 000 per week to you, the employer, in the event that your employee is absent from work as a result of either an accident or illness;
    - The cover is payable for a maximum period of 52 weeks, but is subject to a 1 week waiting period in respect of an accident and 4 weeks in respect of illness.
  • A Disability benefit:
    - Provides a cash payout up to a maximum of R50 000 in the event of total permanent disability;
    - The minimum payout applicable will be R25 000 and all payouts will be subject to the Benefit Schedule which will accompany the policy schedule.

This is a summary of policy benefits. For complete terms and conditions, please refer to the policy wordings. In all cases the policy wordings will prevail.