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Medway is a leading network of healthcare advisors in South Africa. First established in 1990, Medway has consistently looked for ways to enhance the value proposition financial advisors offer their clients, in a meaningful and reliable way. Our credible client base ensures that we are well positioned to interact and associate with various medical schemes and insurers, delivering product and service mechanisms, that add real value when you need it most.

Medway supports contracted financial advisors who ensure that our tailor made solutions always address your medical cover requirements fully.

MedCARE is a selection of insurance products designed exclusively for medical scheme members who require additional medical cover to that which is provided by their medical scheme.

What is Gap Cover and why do I need it?

As a responsible adult you will have signed yourself and your family up with the best medical scheme option you can afford. Depending on your option, most medical schemes will pay out between 100% and 200% of the approved scheme rate. You would be forgiven for thinking that you and your family are fully covered in the event of a medical calamity. The reality is different. Medical practitioners are not regulated in terms of what they can charge and most charge in excess of the approved scheme rate.

Medcare is a short-term insurance policy that pays you the difference between what medical practitioners charge in-hospital and what the medical scheme actually pays. There may be times when up to 75% of your bill is not covered by your medical aid!

Medical aid shortfall costs are your personal responsibility. Medcare should therefore be considered an essential addition to your medical cover

How much cover do I get?

R165 000 per person per annum.

What does it cost?

Our Gap products are designed to complement your Medical Scheme option and suit your pocket. Our Cover starts from as little as R320 per family per month.

Do I qualify for it?

If you are on a registered South African Medical Aid, you qualify for Medcare Gap Cover.

How do I sign up?

Simply contact your broker or complete the online application.

Medcare Gap Plan Options

Our Gap products are designed to give you cover that best suits your needs:

LEVEL 1: GapCoreR320 per month

    Gap Cover
  • GapCore covers the gap between the allowed tariff and the actual charge and includes the following benefits:

    - Covers your immediate family in respect of medical expenses shortfalls in-hospital associated services provided by specialist doctors that charge more than your medical scheme rate, limited to 5x the medical scheme tariff.
    - Also covers treatment on an out-patient basis for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and kidney dialysis.
    - Extends to certain specified medical procedures performed on an out-patient basis.
    - Gap cover is limited to R165 000* per person per annum.
    - Makes an additional allowance of R3 000* for disposable items used in-hospital.
    - Reimburses up to R10 000 for in-hospital expenses and death incurred as a result of accidental injury.

LEVEL 2: GapXtraR355 per month

    Additional Sub Limit Cover

  • GapXtra includes all the benefits of GapCore plus the following additional benefit:

    - Includes cover in respect of in-hospital charges above a sub-limit which may be imposed by your medical scheme on certain procedures and treatments
    - Sub-Limit cover is limited to R30 000* per person per annum for all medical expenses shortfalls.
    - Makes an additional allowance of R3 000* per family per annum for medical appliances.

LEVEL 3: GapPremiumR410 per month

    Additional Co-Payment Cover
  • GapPremium combines GapCore and GapXtra and also offers the following additional benefits:

    - Includes cover for co-payments where your medical scheme has imposed a deductible or levy on specific procedures, including MRI and CT scans.
    - Also includes up to R12 000* per family per annum for copayments applied for making use of a non-network hospital.
    - Co-payment cover is limited to R30 000* per person per annum for all medical expenses shortfalls.
    - Provides an additional R10 000* for accidental injury requiring treatment in a casualty ward.

LEVEL 4: GapPremium PlusR475 per month
    Cancer Treatment Cover
  • Our top of the range product combines GapCore, GapXtra and GapPremium and also provides the following additional benefits:

    - Pays an extra R150 000* for traditional cancer treatment charges and/or for costs of defined biological drugs for defined oncological benefits, above the sub-limit benefits imposed by your medical scheme for medical expenses shortfalls.